Thursday, May 19, 2011

Antique and Junk Shop... Shopping

Hello fellow blogger!   During the Lunch hour.... I had the Jeep...It's Thursday..... so I filled my eyes and soul with all sorts of things from the past........

Here's the $18.50 that I purchased....  My first Boy---doll --- a cotton-pickin pick-a-ninney just barely 3-4 inches tall.... with a cotton sack to boot!   I have a little black girl that I'm thinkin he'll fit perfectly next to!    He's following in after Ms Sunbonnet Sue in red!

 Here... I turned around to drive back and snap a beautiful shot of theses purple - lavender flowers

 A really cute sign... "OLD QUILTS"  and take note of the unusual...
little antique pin cushion next to Sue.... and I think I'll name my boy .. Randy!!!


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