Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Wow I did it ....My Life Story!

This is my life story..... no joke....

On the above post .... I automatically wrote 2012..... while mentally thinking of 2013 as the NEW YEAR !!

Back in January 9th -- 1954  ---  I was a delivered "at home" with my grandmother Martha Sipuel as the nurse-maid....I was born on her birthday-- yippee ---  Daddy called for an elderly doctor to deliver me...  (so old... that while he might have charged $35.00.... daddy paid $5 and would pay-out the balance!!!  Story goes that Doc died... and my price was reduced!)  Doctor took the birth certificate and wrote JANUARY 9th... 1953!

Ta-Dah.....  my smart daddy and big mama said to themselves.... let's not change it...... Beverly can draw her social security benefits early....  I also started school early in a small rural town....  I never saw my birth certificate until I was sixteen yrs old to drive.....  and was therefore confused!!


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