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I’m an Okie, born in Chickasha, Oklahoma.  I remember sitting next to my mother’s sewing machine… such a peaceful humming! I eagerly mastered the basics of cookin’ and sewin’ in highschool economics class and later crafted clothing for myself and my husband.   But a devotion to childrearing halted all stitchery…. but my love of fabric, color, texture and the soothing hum of a Singer sewing machine was renewed when my firstborn moved away to college!  Since my personality is that of one who is a stickler for no loose ends… all things being done decently and in order; it was a natural to want to master the squared corners and triangles in basic quilt construction. 

Since 1997, I’ve been teaching and lecturing to local and regional guilds with a focus on African American historical quilting techniques. I’m planning a retirement that will allow me to fully pursue my dream of being a quilt author/speaker/pattern and fabric designer while traveling worldwide with other quilt professionals.  Presently, my quilted artwork has been published and exhibited around the United States and abroad. 

Beverly Huggins Kirk, Quilt Historian-Artist
Bquiltin Studio
405-414-3381 (M)

OKC Community Quilt Guild
1236 NW 36th Street
Oklahoma City, OK 73132  
E-mail:  bquiltin@hotmail.com

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