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2012-2013 Projects
 From a Quilting Magazine at least 3-4 years ago, I started this Compass Beauty.
It is now my INSPIRATION.... April 2011:   paper piecing is PERFECTION ! 

Below.... is a finished kid-sized quilt for my TX Nephew that turned #1 on 03-24-2011!  Yep, I said finished... binding and all!

My One and Only---Best-est . . . :))) Son
turned 29 this year.  This is the before work:  The finished product has been dropped off to my faithful OLD friend - Bill Crye to meander a quilt design.
 I saved shirts and pants, my son loves to fish....  he served in Iraq 2002-2006
 The Kirk name originated out of Guadalupe TX

My Special Grandson....

My long-arm quilter will finish up this in a few days... I'll finish and ship it off to Ms Heidi... in honor of her grandfather!

These were orphan blocks.... from a Garage Sale last year.... It's may a UFO...  A blue and black basic block layout..... it's just laying on the floor!

 It gave me a warm, fuzzy feeling to read the blocks!!!

Alas.... this too, is sitting on the floor.  My motivation was WAYYYY UP on the red/white log-cabin construction!!
But gosh-dern... I added the Cherries that need me to change-out my MOJO... for satin stitching... kinda boring.... and I don't see pretty when I did a couple!!! March 2011  
Spring 2011 ~  Ladies in Black
 Spring 2011   ~  DIVA Wall hanging


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Fine Clothes on a Brown Belle
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